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PhD students


Abhilash Pedada

Abhilash obtained his B.Sc., Chemistry from IGNTU, Amarkantak and M.Sc., Chemistry at IIT Ropar in 2021. He joined the Wahl Laboratory after a research stay at IISc, Bangalore with Prof. DP Hari on Strain Enabled Cascade Reactions. In his free time, he likes Running and playing Sports and Games.

Room 2223.01-124

Phone 06131/39-22364

apedada at


Marlene Arnold

Marlene obtained her M.Sc. in chemistry from LMU in 2021. She joined the Wahl laboratory after performing her Master’s thesis at ETH with Prof. Helma Wennemers working on tripeptide catalyzed C-C-bond forming reactions. In her free time, she likes baking, cooking and doing Yoga.

Room 2221.01-118

Phone 06131/39-20448

marlene.arnold at


Alexander Walz

Alex finished his B.Sc. in biomedical chemistry from JGU in 2020 working on the synthesis of functionalized PEG in the group of Prof. Frey. To obtain his M.Sc. he joined the Wahl laboratory and finished his thesis in September 2022. Beside chemistry, Alex is very interested in music and enjoys to play the trumpet in his free time.

Room 2223.01-124

Phone 06131/39-22364

a.walz at


Henning Maag

Henning studied chemistry at WWU and obtained his M.Sc. in 2020 working on the supramolecular polymerization of a thiophene-based Pt(II) complex in the group of Prof. Fernández. He joined the Wahl laboratory at JGU in 2021. In his free-time Henning plays beach volleyball or cooks with friends.

Room 2221.01-118

Phone 06131/39-20448

hmaag at

Master students


Daniel Lemcke

In 2020 Daniel obtained his B.Sc. in chemistry synthesizing ligands used for cancer research in the group of Prof. Rösch. After a short research internship at the WahlLab he decided to stay for his master's degree. In his free time Daniel likes to jog, play badminton or enjoy some music.

Room 2223.01-124

Phone 06131/39-22364

dlemcke at


Domenik Mundil

Domenik finished his B.Sc. in biomedical Chemistry from JGU in 2020 working on the fluorescence labeling of isoprene-based copolymers in the group of Prof. Frey. After joining the WahlLab for a short research internship in 2022 he returned for his master's thesis. He is passionate about music and plays the electric guitar in his free time.  

Room 2221.01-118

Phone 06131/39-220448

domundil at


Jasmin Hammes

Jasmin obtained her B.Sc. in biomedical chemistry from JGU in 2023 working on electrochemical adipic acid synthesis in the group of Prof. Waldvogel. After a research internship in the WahlLab she joined the group for her master’s degree. In her free time Jasmin likes to dance or play the clarinet.

Room 2223.01-124

Phone 06131/39-22364

jahammes at

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